Easy – High Altitude mountain trip. Crampons walking experience. Adequate fitness and personal equipoment.
US$ 1,700 per person.

- 5 Days/5 Nights
- 3 Nights in tent and 2 nights Hotel in Santiago
- Transfers from/to airport or Hotel in Santiago, Chile

El Plomo summit 17,815 ft. (5.430 mts.), is the highest mountain viewed from Santiago. Climbers goes to El Plomo as a acclimatization trip before Aconcagua expedition. Formerly visited by the Incas to make his rituals, it is an incomparable beauty. Technical routes (with ice and snow climbing passages) and non technical route we can do to reach this top. Normal route does not require important mountain experience, only good physical condition and good personal equipment for cold temperatures.

Near the summit we will appreciate the place where a Inca mummy was found. The Plomo Mummy (La Momia del Cerro El Plomo in Spanish) is the well preserved remains of an Incan child found on Cerro El Plomo in 1954, It was the first frozen mummy discovery of high-altitude human sacrifice by the Incas.

The mummy is curated by the National Museum of Natural History in Santiago, Chile and it has a replica of the mummy on public display.


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