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Torres del Paine trips
We have been guiding in Torres del Paine, Patagonia since 1997. In that time, Torres del Paine was a pristine National Park, almost without services such as refuges, hot showers, meals, maps, for all our logistics, we carried day by day all our tents, food,  using horses and porters. Our experience since these years, give to our today´s trips a uncomparable difference in small and hidden details that make your trip in an a pleasant experience.

Your trip in Patagonia.


Our regulars group goes from 2 to 8 customers. When you book with us, we ensure your departure date, even if you go alone. So you can schedule your vacation with us and book all your flights with certainty. We are probably the only company out our trips are 100% guaranteed without a required minimum of clients per trip.


How to arrive to South Patagonia.

Best connection for arrive to Torres del Paine is through Punta Arenas (Chile) or through El Calafate (Argentina)

If you arrive to Chile, through Santiago airport (SCL), you must connect flight to Punta Arenas city (PUQ). Lan Airline and Sky airline cover this route. Other option in Chile is from Puerto Montt, there are a boat that once a week navigate until Puerto Natales in a 3 days trip.

From Buenos Aires, you need to have a connection flight to El Calafate. Once in Calafate, transfer to down town to take a regular bus to Puerto Natales, where our guide will wait for you at bus station and drive you to our Hotel.


Arrival at Punta Arenas Airport.

Our regular trip starts in Punta Arenas (Chile), where our guide will wait at the airport Ibanez (PUQ). Just tell us your arrival flight information in order to pick you up on time. If you are already in Punta Arenas, we will pick you up at hotel address where you are staying.

After this, we will drive to Puerto Natales, 260 km north of Punta Arenas. Here you will be accommodate in our hotel, where we will check your personal trekking equipment according our equipment list (see our equipment list attached in our trip information program).


There are two main airlines that travel to Punta Arenas from Santiago or Puerto Montt.

Sky Airline also has a new flight direct to Puerto Natales, twice a week !!


LAN airline,

SKY airline.


Please check itineraries of these flights. We recommend to arrive to Punta Arenas in any flight between 10:50 am to 18:00pm. After finish your trekking trip, we recommend to depart in any flight after 11:00am. if you already have a flight that depart too early morning, we can book a hotel night in Punta Arenas, instead Puerto Natales.


Due internal flights Santiago - Punta Arenas - Santiago, price could be different depending from where you are buying, we can buy it cheaper from here, and include it in the final price of our services. Ask us for this price option.


El Calafate Airport.

If you choose to arrive through Argentina, check price list for your flight to El Calafate, that is the closer Argentinean airport to reach Torres del Paine.


LAN airlines,

Aerolineas Argentinas,


If you arrive to El Calafate, from here best alternative to go to Puerto Natales is to take a regular bus from Calafate down town (address Av. Julio A. Roca 1004, Calafate). This transfer take around 5 hours to Puerto Natales. Upon your arrival, our guide will be waiting for you at Puerto Natales bus station and transfer you at the place for lodging.

Buses companies that offer this transportation are Cootra and Zaahj. They cover this route every day from El Calafate bus station. If you need, we can buy for you this bus ticket and include in trip price, and will be available at the bus station office under your name.

Approximate price USD$ 35 one way.


Puerto Natales.

In Puerto Natales hotel, you can leave all not necessary gear for your trekking days. Leave it in a bag, and we will storage it safely (please use a lock). If you does not have a bag, we can provide it one.


If you need to buy or rent some extra equipment for your trekking trip, we have it available for rent such as, back packs, trekking poles and sleeping bags. If you need some extra equipment, please check equipment list provided in our program and let us know this in our application form.



In some of our campsites, we organize our own meal services, with our own kitchen and dinner tents. Our meals are varied and well chosen. Fresh and delicious food is always available in our camp. Vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken and even fish are among our menu, as well as pastas, rice, potatoes rich in carbohydrates. Wine, coke, beer, biscuits, cheese, crackers and everything we need to make our trip pleasant


When we have small groups, we use refuge services for our meals. These regular services are improved by our staff with extra food, to make your trip experience more comfortable.


Trail food: We provide each day enough food for walking hours.  In your back pack, you just need to carry a day food and water bottle. For next days, our guide will supply extra food.

If you do not eat any type of food, or you need a special diet like gluten free food, please indicate it in our application form.



Drink water from most of the creeks in Torres del Paine are very safe. This water does not require pollution treatment, just refill your bottle and drink. Water runs from snow patches where are located not far away from paths, so most of these creeks are very clean. In some places near Las Torres refuge, we could find some cattle, so be avoid to take water from these creeks near them.


Back pack.

In all our trips, in your back pack you just need to carry your own personal things, clothes and sleeping bag and mat, plus a bottle of water and trail food. We recommend you to bring for trekking days, just necessary things. Mountaineering and trekking clothes are designed to be used several days, so is not necessary to change it every day.

Also, technical clothes are very lightweight and dry very quickly.

Leave in Puerto Natales heavy jeans, cotton shirts. They does not work well in wet conditions, and it take long time to get dry and get very heavy when are wet.

All common gear such as tents extra food and other camp material will be carried by our porters.



In our Torres del Paine trips, porter for carry common gear is include. This common trekking equipment are tents, some kitchen gear and also food for our trip (dinners, breakfast and trail food)

If you have extra personal load to carry, like cameras, extra clothes or if you want to carry a minimal weight, you can hire a porter. That man, can carry in his pack around 15-20kg. Of course, this weight limits, depends of volume of your things. For example, if you bring a too big sleeping bag, this will limit room for other things into the porter`s back pack.

For complete Big Paine Circuit (10 days trip), you need a 7 days carrying a big bag pack

For W Circuit trip, you need a 3 days porter.

Price for a day personal porter is USD$ 140.- This fee cover porter salary and all expenses such as transportation to the park, camps and his food.


Sleeping bag.

In Torres del Paine you need to be prepare for significant variations of temperatures. For this reason bring a comfortable sleeping bag, with temperature minimum of -10ºC (14 F).

Also if this trip include a refuge night, sleeping bags are also necessary.

We provide a mattress (foam or inflatable) for your trip when we sleep in tents. This will be carried in your pack.


Tents and common gear.

For our trekking trips in Patagonia, in our camps we use a tent designed for 3 people, but used for two. Guide and/or porters will carry tents and common gear such as stoves, pots and food. Guide and porters will set up your tent for each campsite.

If you would like to use a single tent, please indicate this option in our application form.

We use Mountain Hard Wear and REI sleeping tents. We also use for dinner a dome tent (Space Station or Strong Hold tents, from Mountain Hard Wear brand). We also include in it all tables and chairs.



Refuges offer common rooms for 6 people. Does not offer a private room (except Cuernos cabins). In these rooms sleeps men and/or women. Refuges have two main bathroom-toilette services, one for men and one for women. Normally hot showers are available in refuges. Bring a towel and light sandals. Beds have just a mattress, so you need to bring your own sleeping bag or rent it.

About electricity, refuges do not have electricity for charge batteries. Some of them have solar source and if in some moment they are not using it, they can provide you electricity power to charge batteries.



In Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and El Calafate, ATM machines are available in several banks if you need to get cash. ATM machines in Chile, offer a limit of, CLP$ 200.000 (approx. USD$ 370) a day for your card. Be sure that your card are able to get money outside your country.

About weather.
Main characteristic of Torres del Paine weather is the fast change that can suffer the climate conditions. Any combination can be possible between the wind, sun, rain and snow in a single day.

Patagonia and specially Torres del Paine does not have a determined climate, are rather unstable, mainly in the proximity to the South Ice Field, places that registers the lowest temperatures and register a more intense rainfall. This also can be in snow type. However the Pampa sector located at east side of the park (dry zone) register less rainfall and low humidity conditions. Temperatures also feel higher, reaching also 20°C. in some sunny days.












Temp. Max.





Temp. Min.